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Walk and train programme One-to-one dog training and rehabilitation walks

People have hectic lifestyles and don&# [Read more ...]

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Walk and train programme

One-to-one dog training and rehabilitation walks

People have hectic lifestyles and don't have time for walking their dogs or training their dog and so use the services of a dog walker or a dog trainer.

However, it is not always possible.

  • Is your dog too reactive to other dogs so can not be walked by usual dog walkers as part of a group?
  • Is your dog aggressive?
  • Have you had a dog walker refuse to walk your dog for any reason?
  • Does your dog pull on the lead?
  • Does your dog have no recall?
  • Are you too busy to walk your dog or take them training?

Premier Dog Training offers a specialist ‘walk and train’ rehabilitation and training programme in Chigwell. This is suited to nervous or anxious dogs who need individual attention whilst you are at work or need ongoing rehabilitation and training.

Your ‘walk and train’ programme includes:

  • A minimum of 1 one-to-one training walk a week from £25 per 30 minute walk
  • A minimum of 1 coaching/transfer session every month
  • Email support/check ins

Payment and details of services

Training and rehabilitation walks are available from 10am till 3pm Tuesday and Thursday. If you have multi-dog households with training or behavioural issues I’m happy to split the walk into two separate sessions with no additional fees. A minimum of 1 walk a week will be required for a minimum of 3 months. Payment is due on a monthly basis in advance.

Free initial discovery phone session

An initial discovery phone session is available for all new clients to find out a little more about the needs of you and your dog and discuss your ‘walk and train’ requirements.

Initial in house assessment and written training/behaviour modification plan

Your ‘walk and train’ programme will be subject to a start up payment for your initial consultation and training/behaviour modification plan. This takes around 90 minutes to two hours. We will discuss this during your discovery call.

Please choose from the following types of ‘walk and train’ services:

One-to-one training or rehabilitation walks

Suited to dogs who are anxious/reactive to other dogs or people.

This service is recommended to owners who are at work and require extra training when they are not there. Dogs are walked in a suitable location with set ups or suitable walking environments to practice building their confidence.

30/45= £25/£35

Please get in touch for your personal quote: [email protected]

We will give your dog the walk it needs while also giving 1 to 1 training too, thus giving you a calmer dog and more time and peace. All your dog care problems solved!

Please use the callback request form to find out more about this unique service.

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