Junior Handler Agility Workshop

This is a FUN dog agility workshop for JUNIOR HANDLERS whom are up [Read more ...]


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This is a FUN dog agility workshop for JUNIOR HANDLERS whom are up to the age of 16 years - designed for your children to have interaction and fun with your dog to build a greater bond.

Held at Bed & Biscuits Kennels, Hainault House, Billet Road, Romford RM6 5SX in the fantastic outdoor training arena. 

All dogs must be a minimum of 12 months old to prevent injury to growing puppies.

We start with the basics, introducing you and your dog to the wonderful world of agility.

Junior Handlers workshop. An hour and a half.

Agility is a fantastic exercise mentally as well as physically for both you and your dog.

Hurdles, jumps, tunnel, A frame and dog walk.

£25 for the workshop. Payment upfront and at time of booking to secure your place.

Please dress appropriately and wear suitable footwear. Please bring plenty of treats.

There are limited spaces in order to keep the class small so that everybody is kept busy.


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